Visiting professors holding entire modules and visiting lecturer on specialized topics, are involved in the programme:

Academic Year 2010-2011

Judith Thornton, module on “Water Supply”

Predrag Jovanic, Belgrade University, modules on “Air Pollution Control” and “Waste management in developing countries”

Richard Smith, module on “Sustainable and Renewable Resources”

Simonetta Tunesi, module on “Environmental Impact Assessment”

Christina Dornack, University of Cotbus, Germany, lectures on Waste recycling

Rainer Stegmann, Nanyang University, Singapore, lectures on Anaerobic digestion

Academic Year 2009-2010

Paul Lant, University of Queensland (Australia) module on Wastewater Treatment.

Albert Koenig, University of Hong Kong, module on Sustainable and Renewable Resources and Water Supply Treatment.

Antonio Alexandre Trigo Texeira, Universitade Tecnica de Lisboa – Portugal, module on Littoral dynamics and coastal engineering.

Academic Year 2008-2009

George Ekama, University of Cape Town (South Africa), module on Wastewater Treatment.

Josef Traenkler, Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand), module on Water Supply Treatment and Waste Management in Developing Countries.

William Clarke, University of Queensland, module on Sustainable and Renewable Resources.

Gaston Hoffman, University of Dresden, lectures on Thermal treatment

Poul Løgstrup Bjerg, Technical University of Denmark, lectures on the natural attenuation of contaminants in ground water

Peter Kjeldsen, Technical University of Denmark, lectures on the use of permeable reactive barriers in the treatment of  groundwater contaminants.