The study programme is scheduled to take place over six semesters, the first year being entirely devoted to basic mathematics, chemistry and computer sciences, aimed at providing students with the notions required to proceed with subsequent more specialised courses. More specialised fundamental and applied subjects will be dealt with starting from the second year, featuring both lectures and laboratory practice, practical training and guided technical tours to local plants. During the third year students will be free to terminate their studies with subjects of their choice. Should students wish to focus on the job market, they may choose to take exams involving specific fields of application, opting also to undergo a brief training period in public or private institutions. Conversely, should students opt to continue with further education, exams may be taken with the aim of furthering knowledge required for the second cycle degree. Subjects dealt with during courses will provide students with a wide array of notions pertaining to environmental engineering, with particular reference to basic knowledge in the fields of hydraulics, geotechnics, sanitary engineering and transportation. The course is held in Italian.

First Year

Autumn   semester ECTS Spring   semester ECTS
Calculus 1 9 Topics in linear algebra and geometry 9
Chemistry 12 Physics 1 9
Construction   drafting 6 Numerical analysis 9
English 3


Second Year

Autumn   semester ECTS Spring   semester ECTS
Advanced   mathematics for engineers 9 Fluid mechanics and hydraulics 12
Elements of microbiology and biochemistry 6 Mechanics of materials and structures 12
Applied thermodynamics and heat transfer 6
Elements   of physics 2 6 Transport   phenomena 6
Statistical   data analysis 6


Third Year

Autumn   semester ECTS Spring   semester ECTS
Soil   mechanics 12 Environmental   hydraulic works 9
Environmental   sanitary engineering 12 Elective course 6
Elective course 6
Hydrology 6 Practical activities 6
Thesis   work 3